Let Me Tell You About My Pain

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I need to write about my painful week…

My feet hurt bad, I think before taking a step is called “Plantar Fasciitis”, followed by my knees, they hurt like screaming that they don’t hold my weight any longer. Oh weight, let’s talk about this terrible side effect.

My rheumatologist give me some relief. However, I’m sure you already know that a flare is unstoppable…when it’s coming, it’s coming, no matter what medicine you take.

But, this flare has been here way too long. Right, back to topic… I have gained 40 pounds in about 5 months. I go to the gym, do cardio for 25 minutes and I try to complete a weights routine, light and slow the days that I can, sometimes 3 times per week, sometimes 2, it all depends on the level of pain. I try to eat less and better, but nothing is stopping the weight from increasing.

My self-steam? Oh, don’t get me started on that, I have days that I cry only by looking at my image in the mirror. I sometimes say, I’m stopping Lyrica and Savella but, that only takes me to the ER.

My elbows, Oh My GOD…I did not know how important the elbows are!! Until it hurts so bad that I scream if I open a door or take a cup. My hair scalp hurt, if someone told me before 2014 that, your hair scalp could hurt, I would not believe it. Today the overall pain is in a 10. I have been crying all morning, it is just terrible.

But I have good news!! Next week, I’m beginning a cannabis treatment, I really hope I can get better.

You know, I have so many goals, so many dreams that I hope to concur. I’ll try everything out there until I find relieve.

For all of you that, are suffering from Fibromyalgia, the pain, the struggle, the daily battle, the try and error doctors and treatments, LET’S NOT LOSE HOPE!! LET’S STAND TOGETHER AND KEEP SWIMMING! THE PAIN-FREE DAY IS COMING!

What words do you need to remember on your bad days? Show your support by Commenting!

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