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I’m sure you can agree with me on this topic: Is not possible, or at least, extremely difficult to pursue a career suffering from fibromyalgia and endometriosis.

I remember that, once I finished high school I could not go to a college away from home because my mother was terrified by just the idea of having me far from her, alone with an endometriosis episode. The first 2 days of my menstrual period were just horrible! Almost every month I visited the ER. However, I went to a university close to home, held a part-time job and finished an associate degree in Civil Engineer. I worked for 5 years and then, went back to school to finish my bachelor degree in Civil Engineering. It is not easy, but it is possible! This time, I moved far from my family and began to develop independence. I had terrible days, specifically from endometriosis, from fainting in front of the class or in the bathroom.

I did complete my bachelor degree because I did not allow endometriosis to get in my way!! 10 years later, I’m suffering from fibromyalgia as well. My job contract was canceled (based on my extended sick leave) and feeling frustrated. You know, when you grow up fighting against everything, goals (no matter how small) are a huge accomplishment.

I have days that I think that it’ll be impossible for me to bounce back and continue the career I love and I fight so hard for!
But then, I dream!! (nothing can take away the right to dream, you know)…..I dream that someday, very soon, I will open my eyes to a pain-free day!! I know is coming!

Let’s keep talking! Let’s keep sharing our stories! Let’s keep swimming and hoping for a pain-free day! Because is coming!

If you read this article and are currently on a setback….. just know, it IS POSSIBLE TO CONQUER! Just let your closest friends know your conditions and explain how can they help….for me… they all knew they had to take me directly to the ER.

Develop a support system! Is absolutely necessary and continue your journey!

God Bless!

Do you manage to Pursue your Career? Share and Comment to show your Support! 

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