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Have you heard about these gadgets before? Share your ideas to increase awareness!  


Fibromyalgia is a very debilitating condition, it comes with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and the medications that help with the pain make you sleepy or lightheaded in most cases. I’m a Civil Engineer, mother of 3 and I have been a stay at home mom since February 2017. The adjustment has been very hard, it is a great change in life.

Today I want to write about housework. How can I do it if I can’t even raise my arms?! I’ve been struggling with housework ever since I started with feeling pain and the CFS. It is very frustrating because I need to keep the house clean, to have peace-of-mind.

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I found 3 gadgets that can help all of us who are also struggling with all the hard work at home every day. These gadgets helped me big time!

First, bathrooms – I found this mechanic arm that cleans the bathtubs, it is from Clorox and I found it for $30.


Second, the floor – I live in a 4-rooms, 3-bathrooms house, I just can’t keep up. This is why I got myself an iRobot for $379, at Costco. I assure you, it is better than a 3-day vacation!

Third, the ceiling fans and high shells – I got a very light arm, $8.00 in AVON, to reach and clean the fans and the areas I can’t reach without having to use a ladder.

I hope everyone who suffers from Fibromyalgia and CFS will find these gadgets helpful.

Thank you for reading, just keep swimming and pray for the pain-free day.

Have you heard about these gadgets before? Share your ideas to increase awareness! 

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